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Related to drinking water hygiene and safety products manufa


Ministry of Health based on "drinking water health supervision and management measures" to develop issued a "related to drinking water hygiene and safety products manufacturing enterprises health standards" (Health Law Jian Fa [2001] No. 161 text of Annex 6), on involving health aquatic producers siting, design and facilities to


requirements, health requirements of the production process, raw materials and finished products during storage, hygiene and health requirements management and employees of transport are prescribed.


Health (a) siting, design and facility siting requirements wading production business, design and facilities shall be approved by provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the administrative department of health, and participate in the completion and acceptance.


1. The location of wading product manufacturer should choose the terrain is dry, plenty of water, easily accessible area. Around the plant may not have dust, harmful gases, radioactive substances and other diffusion sources, may not have potential insect infested place.


In the chemical treatment should be selected away from residential areas, since the production process will produce an acid atmosphere pollution and waste, and therefore should be selected in the chemical industry zone.


deposition coating production process of the organic solvent, which is not the site in a residential area.


PVC- Twenty water supply pipe between the production process of compounding a large amount of dust PVC production site must be set separately, which should be a certain distance with other building protection (properties), and should have the appropriate Health security and "three wastes" treatment measures.


Water Processor household sanitation requirements of production sites 道 production process generally do not produce pollutants, optionally in a clean industrial areas.


2. Design wading products production area, auxiliary production and living areas should be set up to ensure continuity of production, so that functional area clear, separate from the flow of people and logistics, clean area and contaminated areas, shall cross. Plant roads smooth Fei prevent water and dust measures


Shi. Raw materials production sites should be set library products processing place, finished products, laboratory, warehouses and other places of dangerous goods according to production process requirements and product characteristics. Product type should, to the production scale of production space, which is generally not less than the clear height 3m


, is not less than the area 100Z. Production sites channels should be spacious, to ensure that transport and health and safety. Channel water treatment chemicals production sites should be located security fence. Set parametersView of the corridor separating production sites and production areas of glass application.


Production of walls and roofing applications place light, moisture, corrosion, mold, non-toxic material impermeable overcoating. Ground should be flat, wear non-slip, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, impermeable, to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Work area to be cleaned should be ground slope, provided


is set to drain at the lowest point.


comprehensive ventilation volume production site design, should TJ36-794: tamper with the design standards of industrial hygiene business executives, ventilation rate of not less than 8 times / hour. Place using air purification device, the exhaust port away from the air inlet, the air inlet is not a small height from the ground


at 2m, there is not near sources. Production sites using the air conditioning system, fresh air is not less than 30 per hour. "Could suddenly a large amount of harmful gases, toxic gases, asphyxiating gases, explosive gases place, and ventilation should be provided accident alarm [123 ]



   3. the sanitary facilities require disinfection by ultraviolet, UV lamp / (10 to 15 square meters) provided at 30 watts, 2m from the ground lifting. production site should have good lighting and lighting mixing face illumination of not less than 20OLx, workplace test not less than 540Lx, other


   places not less than 100Lx.


   to prevent cross-contamination, the production equipment can not be wading and non wading products (e.g., drainage pipe, not for drinking water treatment, water purification works use, corrosion, impermeable material, etc.) are shared.


   wading production equipment used in the production process, 7, pipes, must be sanitary, non-toxic, odor-free, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent, non-deformable material, the surface should be smooth, to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. wading products should meet the water quality and quantity of production


   process and hygiene requirements.


   water processor (eight sheets) of the production facility for cleaning should be compatible with the production of products, place and sterilization equipment, entrance assembly (packaging) region should be located dressing room, room should wardrobe, Xiejia changing facilities, the population at the production site and the production site appropriate


   position should be set running water hand washing facilities.


   places a reservoir of water treatment agent, a strong acid , alkali and other corrosive chemicals fieldThat should be set accident shower, eyewash facilities.


   a production zone in toilets provided effective protection from the outside to maintain production sites, and a deodorant, and insects like mosquitoes precautions. Health


   (b) the production process requirements 1. personnel and systems wading product manufacturers should be equipped with a full-time or part-time health managers. Establish and improve the production of health and safety assurance system.


   2. The product testing standards in the enterprise should develop health indicators and meet the health requirements. Establish and improve the inspection system, the establishment of health and safety and quality laboratory and product characteristics to adapt. With professional training, assessment of qualified inspectors, have the appropriate testing equipment


   and equipment. Wading products manufacturing enterprises should carry out the production of sanitation, hygiene and safety self-test raw materials and products based on product characteristics. Product hygiene and safety testing must be carried out according to standard methods, complete inspection records should not be arbitrarily altered, using legal basis


   per unit. Each batch of products must be tested before leaving the factory qualified.


   3. The purchase of raw materials must select qualified suppliers, compliance with the relevant standards and regulations. The supplier shall obtain health permits this document when purchasing the product or batch of products with certificate of inspection, acceptance (fill in Table 8-8-1) when people database. Each batch of raw materials prior to use


   must be tested, do not meet health and safety requirements may be put into use.


   4. The production process wading product manufacturers should be strictly in accordance with the Ministry of Health or the provincial health department approved the implementation of the production process production, health and safety of the products have the potential threat of the process may not be used. The production process should be the original records, and keep it. Products labeled


   sign and instructions should be approved by the Ministry of Health and the provincial health department or the content is consistent, not exaggerated features publicity. Producers of each batch of products must be tested qualified before the factory.


   Large water treatment equipment for an installation site, which is cylindrical, pipe, water purification materials should be first cleaned, disinfected, and dried using non-contaminant during installation device with people. After equipment installation and commissioning, after passing inspection before they invest water system.


   harmful factors that may affect the health of workers dust, harmful gases, acid-base chemistry corrosive substances, noise or the like generated during production, and shall governMeet the relevant health standards, "three wastes" generated should be discharged after compliance.


   production sites should not be stored with the independent production equipment items.


   (c) raw materials and finished product storage, transportation and health requirements should be the scale of production, product characteristics compatible raw materials, finished goods and dangerous goods warehouse. That the raw materials should be personnel management, registration and acceptance by species classification, classification partition batch storage. The same library shall not be stored raw materials influence each other. FIFO, does not meet the


   quality and hygiene standard of raw materials should be separated from qualified raw materials, setting up clear signs to prevent confusion and pollution. Storage wall material should be ground, at a distance from the roof, there should be a suitable distance between the stacks and stacks. Have ventilation, moisture, dust,


   mouse, pest control and other measures. Qi sweep regularly to maintain health. Finished products should be compatible with the scale of production capacity. Finished packing press after passing inspection basis [views classifications stored in the finished products in preventing intermix. Shall store finished products toxic, hazardous materials, or other easily


   burning explosives. Stacking the finished wall to be ground, to facilitate ventilation, and there is dust, rodents, insects and other measures. Regular cleaning, maintaining health. Chemical, corrosive, flammable and explosive material storage library should be designed according to the requirements of dangerous goods warehouse design and management. Raw materials


   and transport of the finished product should be based on product characteristics, choose the appropriate means of transport, which tools should comply with the relevant health requirements, to avoid contamination of the product.


   (iv) employees health requirements pre-job employees, should be subject to health and professional training after passing the examination before appointment. After the processor directly involved in water quality (material) production staff (including temporary workers), should conduct a health check every year to obtain preventive health examination certificate before wading products from


   thing. Persons suffering from dysentery, typhoid, viral hepatitis, active tuberculosis, of the axillary or exudative skin diseases and other diseases or carriers of pathogens, not engage in water processor (material) production work. The operator shall direct hand contact


   When the starting material and product contact wading trauma.


   above are taken from "drinking water management and" no Impulse water softener salt works nanocrystalline soft TAC technology, high energy nanocrystals produced, the water free of calcium and magnesium carbonate, packaged into sodium hydrogen ionMeter-crystal, thereby preventing the free ion generation scale, extend the life of water appliances. Machine no electricity, no salt, no regeneration, Pais salt-free water softeners, household soft water treatment experts.




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