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Stocks better to invest water purification agents will ushin

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this year, stocks speak broken hearts of many people, how many people lose pensions even gone ... mending their ways, such as investment funds are not water purifier to the good. Under the national macro-control, water purification agents will bring new investment opportunities, abandon stocks, fought purifier industry is the real long way.


In recent years, frequent exposure of each pollution of rivers and streams, coupled with the recent national "water 10" introduction, prompting the water purification industry entered a period of rapid development. Market share in the near future profits will grow rapidly, experts predict nearly 500 billion, the growth rate was undoubtedly dominate in the appliance industry.

   It is reported that, in 2015 to enter, the water purification industry policy environment increasingly optimized, increasingly strong momentum of development, industry insiders predicted that by 2015 the market is expected to total output value will exceed 50 billion yuan. The next five years, will be the water purifier industry was time grow exponentially, but also Chinese enterprises to take off a golden opportunity to clean water.

   From the international point of view, in response to the challenges of global warming, the worlds major economies regard the implementation of the Green New Deal, the development of green economy as an important part of stimulating economic growth and economic restructuring. As the main force in the green industry, water purifier with safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, health and other characteristics are accepted by more and more recognized by consumers, with sales doubling year after year, behind the rapid development, the historical necessity and policy-oriented crystallization.

   From a policy point of view, in recent years, state and government attention to the cause of energy conservation is increasingly focused, especially in drinking State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Committee to develop a "household and similar purposes water treatment inner core "and" household and similar DWTU "after the official implementation, declaring 2015 the water purification industry will enter the era of energy conservation, its industrial development will have a more profound policy support, which undoubtedly development of the industry has injected a shot in the arm.

   from a potential point of view, along with water purification technology continues to mature and break through, water purifier industry to extend more widely in the markets, in addition to continuously improve household water treatment equipment complete with international standards, will continue to upgrade of commercial water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment fully optimized.

   in 2015, in many favorable factors and national policies support the environment, water purification industry or will usher in the "golden age." I believe you are wise, alreadyInsight into all of this, it is the only one to go on the cusp of the 21st century industry, but also the wealth of opportunities grip fingertips. Here, sincerely invite you to join water purifier, to grasp the future business opportunities, share the wealth feast!

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