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   Hals glass for a lot of people are very fond of, very easy to use, appearance more beautiful and lovely, so Hals glass leaded it?




Hals glass although very well-known, but now with a lot of glass contains lead, is also a great harm to the human body, so many people for glass Hals Cup had a doubt, I do not know Hals glass leaded it?


Hals lead-free glass, can be judged by the following method whether leaded glass purchase.


1, sound: the two hand tapping or tap vessel, crystal glassware will be issued clank metal musical sound, and have a beautiful reverberation waves, only ordinary glass stifling "carbazole click "sound.


2. Gloss: Slight light shine, crystal glassware will shine, reflection of colorful light colorful, ordinary glass is very low gloss, no refraction of light, can not give crystal clear beauty.


3, handle: holding a crystal cup, youll feel a thickness, feel calm, and just ordinary glass gives the feeling of floating.


Hals glass is still relatively safe and practical, quality and safety, if you want to know whether leaded glass, can be distinguished according to the above steps, leaded glass of the harm to the body sex is very large, so that the safest drinking cups for which such knowledge is necessary to know more, there is little knowledge of these related household drinking water.




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