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Victor clean water to remind you buy a watepurifier

   At present water pollution basically everyone knows, but we really pay attention to it? Drink tap water or groundwater and rivers offer is really unaware of? Or because they have nothing to harm? Ever seen such the report world Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that: 80% of the world disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. Due to water pollution, worldwide there are 50 million child deaths each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer. I was shocked to see this data, and we will not speak about the accuracy of this data, but water pollution does exist, it does affect the quality of our lives. You also say that water pollution in fact has little to do with myself?


   So how should we go solve it?

   1. bought drinking water drink? rich water to drink Evian, France, a family of three drinking water, vegetables, rice washing, wash, tea a year to spend 400,000 yuan, the people unrealistic.

   2. wait for countries to develop healthy water standards, water purification and transformation of the existing pipeline system, to the existing Europe, America, Japan and South Korea drinking water standard?

   The answer is to be fifty years later implementation requires huge financial and material resources. And so can not afford it! If you want life to continue, please give his life a fast net security, health bit by bit from the start, water is the source of life, give yourself a healthy life now.

   3. Bought a water purifier filter? Conceivable. Only the familys own install a water purifier, the water purification plants moved back home is the most sensible choice.

   In addition, water purification water treatment techniques are available in the market three categories: isolation, adsorption, sterilization.

   Isolation: larger particle contaminants may be filtered off, short term bacterial, viral effective. For heavy metals, organic compounds invalid. Preclude the use of isolation techniques include: the ceramic filter, ro reverse osmosis hollow fiber membrane;

   Adsorption: effective to reduce chlorine and some organic matter. Unable to filter out bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. Easy to form the waterway and failure.

   Victor water purification part of the product is used in the original US Dow RO membrane, it has five fine filter, through effective50 millionth filter out impurities, the equivalent of hair diameter, and the filtered water is rich in minerals, so you can drink at home, healthy and safe drinking water.

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