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Water purification industry fame quality-oriented

鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟 娌藉悕閽撹獕 浠ヨ川涓烘湰

   water purification industry has never stopped competing, riding a boat behind, there are always new water purifier brand rise, there have also fallen old brand, todays market, not a kind of progress regress. In a market blossom representation, strong but hidden crisis of water purification industry, 2015 is destined to be an extraordinary development years.

   According to industry analysts, the water purifier on the market in the future development, Union nature of promotional activities is bound to weaken the process, mainly due to the excessive marketing water purifier market, consumer coalition activities reduce dependency, increase the degree to resist; major water purifier brand product range expansion, which are complementary to brand products as the main advantages of the alliance formed a strong impact, the market split is inevitable. In addition, since the original water purification industry low barriers to entry, brand clutter clusters, good and bad, resulting in raw water purifier market cottage fake, shoddy, shoddy more than chaos. Some enterprises in order to reap huge profits, the price war, after they intentionally in post-production to save costs, cut corners, do not follow the standard production, the price of these products, the lower the weight, the more no quality assurance.

   price - propaganda - promotion, water purification industry has so frequently in the form of a single price promotions, such as wheel-like staged war, not only makes consumers a choice and psychological numbness in the water purification products purchased fatigue, which also makes the water purifier sales business into a hardship situation.

   Therefore, the water purifier business in the next development process, we must pay attention to avoid these problems. Now is the era of brand competition, water purifier companies only achieve a unified brand value, in order to meet customer demand for a deeper level, it allows companies to continue moving forward.

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