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Quanzhou water conservation projects open high demands

   Reporters learned that the compensation mechanism on Jinjiang Luoyang River lower basin started in 2005, has been the first 13 years, during which the amount of the compensation fund raising watershed change and environmental protection work at different times, many times revised and improved; this revise existing regulations both from the implementation deadline has come, also a "Quanzhou implement opinion" one of the results of the 2016 reform.


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Quanzhou water conservation projects open high demands (Photo from Internet)

   300 million yuan compensation funds for the 4 aspects expenses [123 ]

   compensation special fund plans to raise 300 million yuan each year, benefiting from the downstream counties (cities, districts) reasonable pro rata allocation of water, in which long-term supply of Meizhou Bay south coast of this city, part of the funds required financial investment. According to regulations, the funds should be included in the annual budget throughout the fiscal, the import and advance compensation special fund accounts set up by the Municipal Finance Bureau.

   Sea reporter learned that, 300 million yuan mainly used in terms of spending 4: 2 billion for the protection of water resources basin Jinjiang, Luoyang River upstream areas, 0.8 billion yuan for poverty alleviation and development work, 015 million yuan for soil erosion control work in Jinjiang, Luoyang River upstream areas, 005 million yuan for the provincial state-owned Forest Farm operation.

   in accordance with the "Regulations", a special fund of 40 percent, or 1.2 million, according to drainage area, river basin water quality and quantity, the annual reduction of major pollutants task completion percentage and other factors cut assigned to the upstream county (city, area); the other 60% or 1.8 million, in the form of subsidies to the project schedule, mainly for water conservation projects in Jinjiang, Luoyang River upstream area of 鈥嬧€媡he counties (cities, districts) organized and implemented.

   focus on subsidies township building sewage treatment facilities

   "require" clear compensation special fund focusing on rural construction of sewage collection, treatment facilities: rural investment and construction of sewage treatment plant and associated pipeline network reach specification standards, waste water discharge standards, subsidies are divided into three cases:

   non-BOT construction projects, be supplemented in accordance with the actual operating capacity, each new (expanding) processing capacity of 10,000 tons / day and a pipe net grant 8 million yuan. BOT projects, investment by the township building sewage treatment plant supporting pipe network, in real termsInter-operational capabilities to be subsidized, every new (expanding) processing capacity of 10,000 tons / day of associated pipeline network grant 6 million. Small populations, living in scattered villages and towns, and subsidies based on the actual amount of investment the project, workload, but not exceeding 70% of the actual investment.

   In addition, the county garbage treatment facilities construction projects, each project grants 1 million yuan; by the compression refuse transfer stations, landfills and other construction projects towns invested in the construction of each project grants 50 million, the simple type garbage transfer station construction project, each project grant of $ 100,000.

   section water quality is not up to not allocate special funds to subsidize

   put forward specific requirements in all aspects, in which four cases will be suspended or arrange for the use of grant funds, provisions.

   Article is Jinjiang, Luoyang River basin counties (cities, districts) to meet its target transfer section water quality requirements, before the standard, not the compensation arrangements for the protection of special funds (cities, districts) basin of the county - - this is for the upstream and downstream synergies, especially the source of governance put forward higher requirements.

   In addition, major and above all pollution incidents and adverse effects of the project matching funds may not be implemented within the jurisdiction of basin-wide, does not require the use of protective compensation special fund watershed, it will also be suspended or arrangements subsidy. (Source: HC purification network)

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