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Water purifier leaking joints how to do- Watpurifito trouble

   water purifier appliances as a guarantee of our drinking water health, its maintenance and fault repair is very useful to know. Now, Xiao Bian gave you share five common treatment method for water purifiers failure.




water purifier leaking joints how to do? Purification fault processing method (image from the network)

   First, the joint leaks


   excessive water pressure; improper operation, such as the need raw material with , plugs, connectors is complete pad ring Shang Hao. The probability of occurrence of large water machine.

   Second, the membrane shell rupture, leakage of carbon, high or low pressure

   water pressure of the water purifier is 0.1mpa-0.35mpa, low water pressure will affect out of water; the water pressure is too high will cause membrane damage. The most common low-voltage switch leakage, leakage of activated carbon, activated carbon shell, shell membrane rupture etc, related to the water pressure is too large.


   When the installation of the water purifier to the customer, prior to installation, the first pressure to be measured, to ensure that pressure within the range of the water purifier, the water pressure is too high, should communicate with the user, the installation of a pressure reducing valve. Water pressure is too low to be recommended to install? Pump.

   Third, the new machine the water smell

   After water purifier installed, the first flush of water purifier, the correct processing methods to ensure the normal use of the latter. If flushing sequence error occurred, many problems can occur, especially clean water have a greater impact on the taste. With ultrafiltration membrane water purifier If flushing the wrong order, the protection of ultrafiltration membrane will enter the post-activated carbon filter to protect the liquid will affect the activated carbon filter, lead to a new machine water taste bad.

   The water purifier outlet, food grade hose mounting requirements, if the water purifier water purifier outlet hose material failed installation, the smell of rubber hose itself will change the taste of water, but also It will lead to drinking water taste bad.


   1) the installation is completed, the correct flushing of the water purifier, a correct guiding the user to use.

   2) the installation of water purifiers selection of high-quality food-grade hose, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

   Fourth, the purified water out of the effect is not obvious

   water purifier required water for municipal tap water, if the water purifier dealing not meet the requirements of water quality, water purification effect can cause a bad phenomenon. In many places the water used is groundwater, and some places are relatively old cell, water pipe is galvanized pipe, because of the time too long, galvanized pipe is aging, rusty, muddy water. In this water quality conditions encountered, it is recommended not directly mounted water filter, the source water sediment, rust is easy pollution and congestion within the filter water purifier or purification effect causes no poor phenomenon.


   To detect water pressure but also on the quality of the water prior to the installation of detection, if the water quality does not meet the requirements of the water, to communicate with users, it is recommended net water is installed in front of the prefilter. If the water used is the users home or underground water reservoir, in front of the water purifier must install prefilter. Mainly

   V., PE pipes, small communication moss

   When the water purifier is connected in the communication line connecting small relatively easily moss, this situation is the line of PE pipe too long, direct exposure to the sun, there is no installation of casing.


   Water temperature

   purifier is 5-40 鈩? so the water purifier may not be installed outdoors. PE pipe connected to a small communication may not violent in the sun?, If it proves necessary outdoor connection pipe, the pipe line must be installed in a PVC casing, for installation outdoors water purifier must be installed in the shade rain ceiling. PE pipe is not easy to take too long, and if the position of the water supply point too far, or may be PPR pipe UPVC water pipe connected to the water supply point, and then install the water purifier.

   want the greatest degree of protection of the health of our drinking water, installing a home water purifier is essential. For more than five common treatment failure introduction of household water purifiers, hope to help a friend in need.

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