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  Why RO reverse osmosis water purifier will be discharged waste it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 273 Published: 2018-11-6 17:17:10 A lot of people are curious as to why reverse osmosis water purification will discharge waste water it? It is the kind of physical and filter water purifier What is the difference, its filtering mechanism what is it? Why is it called "reverse osmosis" filter? When the same volume of a dilute solution (e.g. fresh water) and the concentrated solution (e.g., saline) were placed on both sides of a semipermeable membrane, the solvent of the dilute solution through the semipermeable membrane of natural spontaneously concentrated solution flows to one side, this phenomenon is called osmosis. When osmotic equilibrium is reached, the concentrated solution side of the liquid level will be higher than the level of a dilute solution of a certain height, i.e., to form a pressure, this pressure difference is the osmotic pressure. If a pressure is applied is greater than the osmotic pressure on one side of the concentrated solution, the solvent will flow direction opposite to the original direction of penetration, starting from a concentrated solution side to a dilute solution flow, a process called reverse osmosis. Briefly, is energized by the application of pressure to the concentrated solution, to change the direction of the original penetration, to achieve countercurrent concentrated solution, thus purifying the concentrated solution, to produce purified water. Why would waste? The core member of the reverse osmosis membrane pure water in the course of work is actually a process of a liquid concentrate, water salinity water through the reverse osmosis membrane with the surface continuously increases, the osmotic pressure of the water is also continuously increasing. When the osmotic pressure of the booster pump increases, the water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane water purification inflow end. This part failed when waste water is produced water system.

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