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Talk about the difference between water purifi and purwatfor

  Talk about the difference between water purifier and pure water for what? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 304 Published: 2018-9-28 14:51:11 friend found a lot of consumers regard the water purifier and water purifier confused, I do not know which is the water purifier, which is pure machine, water purifier and water purifier in fact is not a big difference, here to talk about some of the difference between pure water and water purification machines. corresponds to the pure water out of the water bottles sold out pure water, and the water purifier just large particles of impurities to remove the water. Functional water to remove any impurities in the water, including bacteria, viruses, and the water purifier can not remove the scale, only a coarse filter manner. Pure water can filter out all substances in tap water, pure water out of the water, we buy the equivalent of pure water, compared with the water purifiers, water purifiers only impurities like to worrying too much, water machine also water various heavy metals minerals are worrying too much away, such as the face of harmful water, the water purifier out of the water, although there are minerals, but only tap water contains a lot of mineral water is not available and can not filter out of all kinds of minerals, of course, this is certainly better than mineral water purifier can drink out of the water. Finally, water purifier and water for the biggest difference is that a different structure, water purifier is the core of the membrane, the core part of the pure water is a reverse osmosis membrane ro, five filters.

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