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  Pre-water purifier is new home decoration of choice you know why? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 348 Published: 2019-5-25 11:53:05 development of water purifier and our deteriorating environment, but also on our growing and mutually reinforcing material life requirements. Water purification effect is obvious, for most families, it is a necessity. The main role is to improve the water quality water purifier can direct drinking, more health, more health, more than many families now pre-install a water purifier, then the pre-purifier how to buy it? Xiao Bian take you to know about it: Introduction to pre-purifier pre-filter, by definition is installed in the front end pipeline of filtration equipment. mounted at the rear end prefilter meter, more than 40 microns can be removed impurities, fully avoid contamination sand, rust and the like. May play a protective role of home appliances, in particular water heaters, washing machines, etc., to reduce corrosion, clogging occurred, prolonged use of the device. At the same time, and compared to other water purification equipment, no material consumption, electricity consumption, as long as the regular backwash function can be. Such devices use a long time and high cost. 1, solution conduit secondary pollution is solved first conduit secondary pollution, hazardous substances can filter out portion, filtration precision can reach 5-100 microns. 2, soften water to prevent scale, to prevent corrosion pre-purifier in combination with a carbonate of calcium and magnesium ions of silver can be prevented, which means that resistance of scale can play a role, and also the inner wall forming the nano state level protection film from the inner wall of the container to prevent corrosion effect. So to some extent, but also extend the life of other home appliances. 3, indirect protection of water purifier pre-purifier, filter out certain substances in the front-end, back-end work is a natural water purifier to be a little easier, the filter will not be replaced as frequently as before. In summary, there is no need for a home water purifier pre-installed will clear up this problem, both to extend the life of home appliances also protect the back-end water purifier, do both. So if the local water quality is not very good, this installation is necessary. Prefilter later prefilter general techniques for the design type "T", at both ends "a cross" are respectively connected to a water inlet and a water outlet, the lowermost end of the outfall. But the "T" type structure design also has certainLimitations, "lateral" is not connected to the inlet and outlet water for complex environments. Generally selected universal rotary valve head 360 掳 more preferably, the angle can be flexibly change, it is applicable to a variety of complex installation environment, is more convenient to use.

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