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What is the reason it leaks water purifier total

   Now home improvement is more and more high-end, high-end residential, the home water purifier water leakage problem is consumers are more headaches, not to mention the bubble is leaking wet floor or bad flooring, if leaking downstairs may also cause tension between neighbors and even lead to litigation. Even so, consumers most likely to meet the leakage problem in the use of household water purification process. ? So what home water purifier water leakage due to it as a user, how to avoid it


   The reason for household water purifiers leaking summarized as follows:?

   1, household water purifiers itself, the quality, including the quality of home water purifier parts, household water purification fineness assembling, testing and inspection pressure test quality. Home water purifier parts mainly joints (connectors), according to the consumer reflect leaky home water purifier is a lot of joint quality tests, no pressure, not durable, not water hammer impact. PE pipe connection also poor quality, concentricity is not good enough, uneven wall thickness, not pressure.

   2, additional reasons for home water purifier may be leaking production workers not connected correctly inside respective member of household water purifiers or no good connection stability.

   3, there is no water purification installation and the machine is connected to pipe joint tightening.

   4, the appearance quality of the home water purifier cylinder material can also cause poor water leakage.

   home water purifier water leakage problem in general, there are quality problems of parts, improper operation and other problems of employees. Leak prevention product leaks related to the application materials, parts and assembly production process issues, product manufacturers in the purchase of raw materials should be strictly controlled, high-quality selection of raw material suppliers, suppliers of material sent over checks to ensure that 100 percent qualified in the case under the allowed storage. Front-line production workers in the event of systematic training, so that workers assembling method lies at the heart, avoiding missed, did not tighten the nut, etc., the finished product has been installed on the pressure test tests to ensure product leakage does not occur gas and so on.

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