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US electrical grid- the convergence Luan firmoving throughou

   birds are flying long grass, pine trip, March 7, 2015 - 8 days, a two-day US electrical grid Hefei fiscal 2015s first regional distribution orders will be successfully held in Luan, Anhui, dealers from around the world representatives, company leaders and marketing staff a total of more than 100 people gathered to summarize the experience in the market in 2014 with fruitful results, and discuss Georgia and the US water purification 2015 development plan and product order problems.



   aspects of the scene of the order, the atmosphere can be described as hot! 3 hours orders for more than 1,000 Taiwan, the site received more than 1 million deposit! Visible by Georgia and the US water purifier local customers and the majority of consumers, and distributors have confidence in the water purifier market! not only the companys original product continued selling in the field outside, Georgia and the US well-developed cloud series and RO-12 series, RO-107 series and other new products have received wide attention and snapped.

   After ordering, in order to improve customer understanding of grid distributors of beauty products, better customer service, product knowledge training agency organized after-sales issues. From product installation to after-sale solutions to common problems, so that distributors who benefit.



   The distribution order will be able to achieve such great success, for many reasons, like: water industry developed rapidly in recent years, water pollution, the health of consumers increased awareness and other objective reasons, there is also subjective reasons or policy incentives, of course, but many in the market more competitive compared to other brands of water purifiers important manifestation of Georgia and the US itself, brand, product, marketing, business models, etc. , but the most fundamental reason is inseparable: deep plowing market, open up channels for long-term, the accumulation of customer resources are its greatest asset, and can do positive for the distribution of goods under the support and assistance do Countermeasures (eg: for many years with third parties cooperation distribution activities supported). Good market need to work together with customers to create business, the new year, the US electrical grid look like-minded people with you hand in hand together to jointly promote industrial development of Chinas water purification efforts.

   Thanks for the concern and support for distributors US electrical grid has long been, the US electrical grid on 2014 outstanding sales distributors grand award "2014 Outstanding Dealer Award", "Flying Award" and "sincere cooperation Award "and many other awards and huge value of prizes to reward them on the grid in the past yearUS market development made outstanding contributions, and always practice the concept of the US electrical grid and partners win wealth.

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