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Shenzhen water purifier manufacturs to teach you howo avoid

peoples life depends largely on the water tap, the water security of data allow people to whom panic. How to guard your family healthy drinking it? A lot of people have opted for water purification systems. How do we face the problem of water pollution in the escape it? Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers to tell you.


will not boil tap water to remove harmful substances and heavy metals


many families believe, will be able to boil water disinfection, in fact, there is a big hazard, since there are still 97% of the water the use of traditional water treatment process, can only eradicate microbial contamination, while the organic pollution and heavy metal pollution, can not be cleared, these substances accumulate in the human body to a certain extent, may be carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic, causing huge human body to hurt. Since ordinary heating methods can not achieve the effect of killing bacteria, only through layers of purification, to get clean and healthy water.


can be poisoned by contaminated water through the skin and


usually people not pay enough attention to water pollution, once the news broke that where there is water pollution, on fears that people will pay attention to a few days, crazy grab the mineral water to survive, media reported that, even if do not drink tap water burn, does not guarantee security, a large number of studies have found that only a third of the water of harmful substances enter the body through drinking, the other two-thirds through the skin absorbed into the body and breathing. Bathe, wash their hands, gargle or vegetables and other acts, can make contact with toxins in tap water even into the body. Central water purification system, not only to ensure the safety of household drinking water, better able to keep the house clean water and sanitation. Tap water usually contains excessive toxic metals and minerals, it will cause secondary pollution washing fruits and vegetables, very harmful to the human body, long used to wash clothes again easily lead to yellowing and fabric damage clothing! Cause yellowish color of his clothes easily damaged.


Household water purification system on drinking water straight Times


can not be completely filtered tap water containing heavy metals and harmful microorganisms bacteria, viruses, algae and other lead, copper, mercury, iron, etc., and household appear water purifier, completely solve the drinking water and the use of harm to human health. Ann Star home water purifier can thoroughly filter out these harmful substances, keep the water clean, according to experts, water purification system, full use of the physical filtration, or will not add any new substance in the water, the water will not change traits, so it is safestThe whole way.


It is now increasingly focusing on healthy lifestyles, water as people living necessities, its people have higher requirements, from tap to bottled water, to drink straight tap water, people are entering drinking water era. Install a water purifier, do not have to envy abroad, turn on the hose can be directly consumed, up fun in a healthy drinking life.


Marco Polo Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers to appeal to everyone, healthy water, made their own. Love family, caring for your family healthy water.

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