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Secret History of stainless eel water purifier


When you use the convenient stainless steel water purifiers to bring you, have you ever thought of stainless steel water purifiers bumpy history. Perhaps you will say, this my business? The ancients said that "learning from history", the same understanding of the history of the development of water purification industry, you can broaden your horizons and better grasp the development trend of the industry, the following small series took you went into the history of stainless steel water purifier.


Chinas first water purifier appears, in fact, not stainless steel, but the desktop, which is under this figure. It debuted place in Shanghai from abroad, something which is simple structure, consisting of only two filter bottle, stainless steel water purifier is really taking shape. It PP cotton filter material and activated carbon were filtered accuracy of only 0.05 to 0.1 micron, to filter out sediment and water to remove the odor, which is already at the time of a wonder.





   desktop water purifier is good, but its also great limitations: first, some small water filter material can not afford such a volume of 0.02 microns bacteria can not intercept; second, since the housing is plastic, easily broken and easy to leak. An industry learned from previous consumers using this water purifiers, Gesanchaiwu leaks, repair work to make him miserable. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a better material to replace this desktop water purifier water purifier.

   long-term unremitting efforts, a few years later, Chinas first stainless steel water purification (generally considered to be the industry liters invention) was born. Compared with desktop water purifier, its obvious advantage is reflected in higher filtering accuracy, longer service life, leakage issues have been resolved. On this basis, through the improvement of people, such as use of 304 stainless steel imports, adding KDF, etc., to form the now common stainless steel water purifier.

   For now, stainless steel purifier has more perfect, it is possible to achieve the filtration accuracy 0.01 m, the water can remove rust, sand, bacteria, colloids and other harmful substances, and then through activated carbon to remove odors, so that we can drink the sweet and delicious mineral water. According to the survey, the current consumer home installation of stainless steel water purifier is still relatively satisfied, the only downside is that it takes up a large volume, easy to plug.





   perhaps in pursuit of technical perfection is human nature, human society would otherwise stagnate. Recently, ten thousand sources launched a stainless steel water purifier whole house, the whole length of only 0.6 meters, twice the size of the ultrafiltration membrane with the flow of water purifiers, water purifiers stainless steel completely solve the footprint, easy to plug defects.

   come out of this product, marking the stainless steel water purifiers into a new era, we believe the near future, more and more people can spend ten thousand sources of water purifier, enjoy the technology brings convenient.

   Source: HC industrial water network

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