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Scale hazardous to their health it is necessaryonstl a water

   What is the scale? In short, white substance floating on the cup. Therefore, in the cold winter, consumers should try to install a home water purifier, water purifier so that protect the health of their families.




scale hazardous to their health is necessary to install a water purifier (Photo from Internet)

   kettle with a long time, the pot will be left white wall The precipitate, which is the scale. The scale contains large amounts of heavy metals, bacteria, calcium, dust and other impurities. As from time to time scale processing vessel, repeatedly used to boil water, filled with water, the scale of impurities will be more and more, and dissolved in water again, it enters the body after drinking, serious harm to human health.

   Similarly cold scale in health hazards, such as aging hydration reaction with the metal wall generated near the faucet and water in the pipes, a metal ion contamination of water, the microorganisms remaining in the water will then multiply. This water not suitable for drinking, and it is not brushing rinse mouth.

   water purifier experts say: Long-term drinking water fouling, easy to cause the human gastrointestinal digestion and absorption disorders, and constipation and other issues, if the scale is very serious, but also lead to gastritis and kidney stones, urinary tract stones, etc. all kinds of stones.

   In this regard, water purification experts recommend consumers to protect themselves and their families safe drinking water, should be installed in the home water purifier to remove impurities scale, bacteria and heavy metals, so the family health winter. Of course, the impact should not be confined to preventing scale in the winter on the body, every day we need more clean water to protect the health of the body.

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