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Review - 2019 German Chennai Guyuan do so my things!

   After years of development, consumer demand for the product has been reviewed by focusing on value in use, the pursuit of low prices, and turn to focus on product quality, the pursuit of personalized, pay attention to environmental protection and health.

   2019, water industry usher in a new turning point, entered a stage of development. Future competition will no longer be limited to a single household goods, commercial and whole house water purification become the focus of the layout of the direction of more water purification business.

   as a whole house water purification water purification industry in high-end, on behalf of personalization can be carried out with scientific and rational for different types of water treatment products, so as to provide different quality for different water needs throughout the house of water. This in order to create high-quality healthy life whole-house water purification solutions will become mainstream consumer groups reflect user tastes and improve the quality of life of individual pursuit.

   time such as water, never came back! Suddenly 2019 drawing to a close, Germany Chennai solid as a whole house water purification areas of outstanding brands, this year, held the annual meeting, to participate in the water exhibition, push the new electricity supplier, the line pin ...... spirited, to help, We do a lot of things, but also gain a lot of results!

   a new departure - Chennai solid in 2019 will open a new chapter in

   water purifier market vagaries, only according to market the product constantly updated iteration, can stand in an invincible position.

   based on the quality of Germany, the layout of the global market. February 2019, Chennai solid "Yin" You and line 2019 national outstanding dealers held a grand congress. Chennai solid according to the actual needs of dealers, innovation, the introduction of the Chinese market and specially developed River Main products, new products make Chennai a solid product line fully meet the various levels of consumer demand for dealers to increase profit more points; at the same time to conduct a comprehensive upgrade and improve in terms of brand image, product optimization, channel development, pin programs; lay bare terminal pin active core secret secret, specialization, systematic training, floor lay a solid foundation for future activity, significantly improve campaign effectiveness!

   Chennai solid has been upholding the principle of customer first, in terms of channels help guide the courage to assume responsibility and actively introduce national partner resources and unite national distributor force, with a new sales and service model to help dealers the high end water purifier market!


   chapter - fine water show ShanghaiWorkers demonstrate excellence in quality and strength

   Shanghai International Water Fair is a global platform to display very large scale water treatment, aimed at comprehensive integration of traditional municipal, domestic and industrial water treatment and environmental management and environmental wisdom, to build industry influence of trade exchange platform, playing a support role to guide the development of water treatment industry, to promote a comprehensive information exchange and cooperation inside and outside the water treatment industry. Germany Chennai solid as a representative of the high-end whole house water purification experts, highly enthusiastic crowd of exhibitors, ie start stunning the audience, attracted many Chinese and foreign customers stopped to visit intention.

   Chennai is solid Germany to provide professional water purification equipment, whole house purification solutions and services company, focused on the development of pre-filter, the central water purification machines, soft water, pure water to drink straight vertical series of water treatment equipment. 40 years, adhering to medical Seiko pure water quality and ingenuity German spirit, focus on the development of whole house water purification equipment, continuing to explore the city and meet the family healthy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle needs, and gradually formed the core of the whole house water purification field Competitiveness.


   a new starting point - move to new premises to meet the needs of enterprise development


   of an enterprise, it must go through from small to big, from big to strong process .

   Chennai solid German water industry as whole house water purification third of the world on behalf of one of the enterprises in the whole house water purification poised to take off the moment, companies are growing, in order to meet the development needs, in 2019 the 70th anniversary of the establishment of October 1, the national spirit, celebrate the day, ushered in the great day of their own development - move to new premises, formally moved the Minhang District of Shanghai route one thousand eight hundred and eighteen Lane, Building 49, for the purpose better meet the rapid growth of the companys business, to provide customers with more comprehensive, professional and efficient service.


   a new model - Recursive activities to help dealers build the terminal channel

   for quick help partners grow, build community relations long career, Chennai solid multi-party integration of resources, tailored to Chennai solid water purification recursive implementation of the program, establishment of an efficient distribution network from the factory to the final consumer, with activities on the ground and under the brand communication line through recursive activity, rapid, effective and extensive himself products in front of the terminal, and form a circulation pin reproducible, step by step using direct future agents.


   which, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, Hebei Tangshan, Liuzhou, Guangxi, Jiangsu Taizhou, Zhenjiang, Wuxi, Chongqing, Shandong Laiyang, Changchun, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Anhui Wuhu and other major stores have launched line delivery promote sales activities, Changchun 1.5 million in a single field sales success over-done. Chennai solid through the entire event planning, execution, landing, import overturn the conventional water purifier brand sales, belonging to replicate the success of Chennai solid sales model.


   new glory - the whole house water purification leading brand of National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products

   differ from general household water purification products, equipment quality the pros and cons related to the users health. Germany Chennai solid its excellent product quality, sophisticated technology, good market reputation and attentive service system are China Inspection Association awarded the "National Quality Inspection and stability of qualified products" title; HC healthy environment electrical industry awarded Chennai solid "full house water purification leading brand "; China Business News Chennai solid awarded" China Top 10 water purification foreign brands "award.

   the whole house water purifier as an effective way to quickly improve the quality of drinking water in the home, will become the main force of the future prime of consumer choice. Nye and fixed deep in the field of drinking water for decades, techniques to 360 掳 GMG healthy water as the core, to cover its pre-filter, pure water, central water, water softeners and other central whole house water purification products, and with environmental protection, durability and intelligence, to ensure that the majority of families experience the beautiful water.


   New retail - Nai River Main Series solid landing Jingdong Mall

   With the rapid development of the Internet economy, consumer groups prefer escalating " new retail "came into being. Proposed new retail concept, which means entering a new era of retail, traditional retail businesses or enterprises want with under a single online or offline marketing to attract the users way of gradually lost its value. Enhance the level of consumption, creating higher demand for consumer spending.

   in the future, the depth of the line in conjunction with online retail, plus logistics, business data using a large, innovative technologies such as cloud computing, constituting a new concept future retail. Pure electricity supplier era will soon end, as pure entity will also be broken, the new retail will lead the new business model. Germany Chennai solid with their own reality, developmentInternet economy, in May 2019 the United States because of the rivers series of landing Jingdong Mall set off a whole house water purification sale of small climax.


   a new journey - the brand experience store grand opening

   With the further popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of online shopping has gradually become a new consumption the way. The other difference is that home appliances, water purification product line can not be separated under perfect service, relying on online purchasing behavior, the user buy water purification products through electronic business platform, its installation line, filter replacement and other services are difficult to achieve, which need follow-up services in line, whole house water purification product requirements for follow-up services is even higher.

   Thus, the Internet and the next line shop perfect docking, landing the Internet. Allow consumers to enjoy online pricing, while being able to enjoy the line attentive service. Chennai solid annual inventory of new store openings over 80, Wuhu, Huaian, Panjin, Qingdao, Tongliao, Shijiazhuang, Longkou large number Macalline, homes and other centers have opened around the location of the store, Chennai solid overall layout of the online and offline under channels, online and offline to achieve seamless, not only to provide users with better products and experiences for businesses and service providers to bring operational experience and practical interests, but also provide a useful long-term development of the entire water industry inspiration.


   With the improvement of peoples quality of life requirements, common household water purifiers can not meet the needs of people of clean water daily. Whole house water purification largely to meet the demand for household water purification deeper. Meanwhile, with the arrival of the hardcover market, whole house water purifier market will be a trip into the lift. With the continuous expansion of market demand for whole house water purification, whole house water purification will in the new era of wind and waves, sail!

   to end in 2020, Germany Chennai solid with vision! I have a dream! Re-start!

   (Source: HC, invasion deleted)

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