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US Bangdeng clean water sampli products are all qualified!

  US Bangdeng clean water sampling products are all qualified! Time: 2019-07-19 09:58:20 US Bangdeng water purification center received notice of Fujian Province Disease Control and Prevention, the central series of imported water softener Division I for sampling. This is our fourth year to spot check testing products, test results and the first three years all qualified, this is nothing more than the result. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Fujian Province was established in July 2003 by the Fujian Provincial Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, Fujian Province, tuberculosis control, health education in Fujian Province and Fujian Institute of Dermatology in social STDs leprosy department merger CDC from Fujian Province, Fujian Province, at the same time by hanging health Education and health Promotion Center inspection Center of Fujian Province sign both sides. April 2005 was identified as the deputy department units. The central Ministry of Health has designated the central laboratory confirmed AIDS, health food function evaluation laboratory, polio monitoring laboratories, cosmetic and health safety testing laboratories recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture pesticides toxicology test laboratory, Ministry of Commerce food safety testing organization designated first identified in 2004, the provincial Science and Technology Department approved provincial Key laboratory Center for public laboratory rodents, animal experiments quality testing room. It is a teaching base of Fujian Medical University, doctoral and master teaching point, public health practitioners exam base in Fujian Province. Division I complex and requires careful control center, on-site to a thermostatic chamber for wading products I Division detecting all aspects of the product, including color, turbidity, smell and taste, was visible, PH, total hardness, aluminum , iron, manganese, copper, zinc, sulfates, oxides, total dissolved solids, the amount of oxygen, the volatile phenol for further examination. During the inspections, staff listened Products Division I engineers. After a day of testing and waiting, our product test results were satisfactory. For this result we are happy but that is par for the course for the quality of our water purifier US Bangdeng bottom line, only good products can produce good water.

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