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Water purifier watpurifiwill produce waste- It sounds a litt

   With the peoples attention to the problem of water pollution, many families choose to purchase a water purifier. But! Drink healthy water it, you have not thought about the water purifier will waste water?

   we buy every water purifier will actually have a "clean water rate" or "rate of waste water "and how much will discharge some of the waste water when in use. Here, we should take, and we say why this water purifier fees topic.

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   in the market most of the water purifier, will be able to put most of the waste water purifier refer to RO reverse osmosis water purifier. After

   RO reverse osmosis water purification unit is a good quality of water supply systems, water filtration through PP meltblown filter, granular activated carbon adsorption filter, active carbon filtration and the like three compression preprocessing, in addition to the remaining water chlorine, suspended solids, rust, dust, and the like, as well as most organic compounds.

   So where this impurity to? Portion of the water through the reverse osmosis membrane, and then post granular activated carbon adsorption filter, to obtain purified water for drinking. The bulk of the water is passed through the first three Road and failed after secondary treatment, become concentrated water out, most of these concentrated water is called "waste", that is what we call a waste of water!

   [123 ] 鍑€姘村櫒鍑€姘翠篃浼氱敓浜у簾姘达細鍚捣鏉ユ湁鐐瑰鎬? src= that the water purifier is not a lot of wasted water? clean water and water conservation really can not have both fish and bear it? feel after drinking do not feel at ease!

   in fact, not everyone think so serious, in fact, "wastewater" in addition to slightly higher salinity than the water, most other indicators, such as turbidity, color, chlorine, taste and odor, organic matter, suspended solids, colloids, COD (chemical oxygen demand amount), TOC (total organic carbon), better SDI (pollution index) and so on, than tap water.

鍑€姘村櫒鍑€姘翠篃浼氱敓浜у簾姘达細鍚捣鏉ユ湁鐐瑰鎬? src= on the news the past few years a lot of waste water purifier, although the conclusion is not terrible waste water, consumers need not panic! But many manufacturers to seize the consumer this psychological concern, launched a "micro wastewater home reverse osmosis water purifier." But "micro-waste" is not a "zero waste."

   Home "micro Wastewater" seems to reduce the concentration of water (wash water) and the ratio of water (drinking water) a (RO membrane to shorten the life of the cost) on the surface, but it is the key washed with high-quality water as a "waste water", put it in vain drained it and the so-called "conventional wastewater" relationship, in waste waterIn essence it is exactly the same. Kettle black it!

   So exactly how much water purifier in the end to "waste" a waste it?

   Today, the market most of the new wastewater rates have been controlled water purifier around 1: 1, most of the water out of a cup, a cup is discharged below the "waste", the ratio of the amount of waste water purification technology to better discharge will be less.

   Some Internet users had an account balance, if simply as a family with a machine made of pure drinking water daily, then in accordance with the amount of drinking water for a family of three, drink a day - 2L water, pure 180L month water, a 1: 1 ratio of waste water, which means that the whole family to be discharged a month or so of 180L "waste."

   But then, but there are friends calculated that we have a bath once a day people will destroy about 40L of water, the whole family to spend a month away 3600L water. So water purifier "waste water" than wasting your bath water than it is simply trivial. You also do not worry its not too worried, usually how to use on how to use!

   that such water can Why? Let Xiaobian to tell you tell you! How clever use of these "waste water ": First, you can do kitchen with washing water, followed by wash rag, wipe the table with three family clean water, and finally you can also choose to use it to flush toilets.

   In general, water conservation is everyones responsibility! Purifiers will tell you just want to produce waste water for everyone mind you, the same waste water produced by the water purifier is not terrible.

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