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Streaking business without a license a few water purifier ma

   [Chinese] net buy water purifiers hope is that healthy water purifier, but the development of Chinas water purification industry is worrying. Water purifier development for so many years, but always remain low penetration rate, has many problems. Future, water purification industry towards the needs of technology, centralization, specialization, brand development, uniform quality standards in order to get rid of the embarrassing situation chaotic market.

   represents a purifier professionals, compared with other routes water, water purifier with easy to use, and affordable, the current system with fresh water, no secondary pollution, etc. advantage with bottled water compared home after a one-time installation of water purifiers in place, not only eliminates the need to order bottled water, water, water to send home such as red tape, but also at any time convenient to access safe and secure healthy water. Indeed, in recent years, with the rapid increase Chinese household living standards, in order to obtain better quality, healthy drink more water, more and more families start using the water purifier water purifier, which also makes water purifier quality and health of consumers increasingly close relationship. The reason why people use water purifier is to let the water become cleaner, but the quality supervision department inspection results has shown that the fact that not necessarily the case. Not long ago, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" revealed, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, quality supervision departments commissioned by the quality inspection center for domestic hot household water purifiers conduct supervision and inspection. The results showed that the samples of 60 brands in paragraph 45, nearly half failed. The AQSIQ conducted three market surveillance from 2014 onwards, the product pass rate has remained at 60% -70%. "I can responsibly say, the actual level of the market (water purification rate of qualified products) failed to reach that number, because sampling of enterprises are relatively large-scale, small scale and some simply can not be covered. In addition, sampling ratio is very small, only a sampling of the first 30, second 70, third about 107, less than one-tenth of the overall number of market enterprises. "China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, deputy chief engineer Lu Jianguo pointed out that enterprises and more rapid development, low-grade, market chaos, which is the current status of Chinas water purification industry. According to incomplete statistics, the current water purifier manufacturers have been more than 2000 (Statistics show that over 4500), and many more small brands majority, industry pattern undecided. Wei Site Planning Commission statistics show, hold health permits approved water purifier manufacturing enterprises is only about 500. It can be said, on the marketMore than seventy percent of water purifier business is undocumented streaking, product quality can not guarantee. The consumer evaluation of collected through a questionnaire survey and online store statistics, at present, there are two more prominent issues: water purifier brand consumers believe that high prices; consumers are more satisfied with the service brand, considered poor attitude of staff. Urgently needed improvements related businesses started, expect improved. Lu Jianguo believes that prices were inflated, fiddling behind the efficacy of such phenomena exposed the water purification industry several major problems: First, there is a standard, it is difficult to perform. Second, there is supervision, hard cover. Third, there are technical and difficult to discern. Fourth, consumers favor foreign brands of psychology, gave an opportunity to some unscrupulous businessmen, the name of "foreign name" banner profiteering. Rely on government-led oversight, it is difficult to form the management of thousands of small artisan enterprises, some enterprises have become slip through the net, the problem exaggerated effect, false propaganda appears. Therefore, consumers in the market supervision is the best form of regulation. The good news is, the state also aware of the problem of water purification industry, recently the National Standards Commission officially launched the development of national standards for water purifiers, with emphasis on making clear provision for water purification devices and core structure. This is expected in the future will be the lack of technological innovation and production process behind the small plants will be shut out, the entire industry will also be some cleanup! We believe that with the popularization of knowledge of water purification, water purification industry gradually standardized, future consumer market will show a rational development. Healthy water purifier market development, calls for more regulation of relevant state departments "in place" some, so Wupaiwuzheng water purifier brand no place; also requires enterprises to master the core technology, market demand for R & D, to more environmentally friendly , intelligent, long life, cost-effective development, provide better products and services.

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