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Q Shu Gu old topic - Activated carbon can remove heavy metal

  Q Shu Gu old topic - Activated carbon can remove heavy metals in water? Time: 2017-07-18 09:43:28 activated carbon can not remove heavy metals in water? Read this topic, a lot of people in the water industry might be laughing. Because, activated carbon can absorb water, removal of heavy metals, pesticides, colloids, organic matter (chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, haloacetic acids, phenols, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, algal toxins, etc.), chlorine, color, turbidity , smell and taste, etc., to clean water people, is a well known common sense. However, the "activated carbon can not remove heavy metals in water" is indeed out of a well-known water purification company chief engineer of the mouth. To illustrate the strong water reverse osmosis water purification machine (after three purification process, comprising carbon particles and activated carbon adsorption filter rods) can not be used for washing with water, was sure that the "activated carbon raw water of heavy metals can not be removed", thus, concentrated water contains large amounts of toxic heavy metals. I used in factories (electronics industry pure water production) is used in Pingquan husk charcoal production, yet it can remove heavy metals in water; now, with the water purification industry in general are more expensive, better quality import coconut shell charcoal, but not to heavy metals in water? You make these activated carbon plant feel then? Is well known, in addition to reverse osmosis water purification unit, there are many other processes use water purifier, a reverse osmosis they do not, and rely mainly on activated carbon or carbon rods, can also remove the water and organic harmful impurities such as heavy metals and the like. Such as the water industrys well-known brands 3M, Paragon, United States Bangdeng, Amway, Baokang micro penetration, open to the whole house water purifier ....... If these well-known brands of water purifiers can not remove all heavy metals in water (heavy metals in tap water itself is of course very low concentrations), these water purifiers to the what is the use? You make them feel then? So, what reason will result in "activated carbon can not remove heavy metals in water" in it? If it is not lip service, then the most likely cause is: his home water purifier using a low-cost low-quality activated carbon, it is likely to be back with charcoal, commonly known as "junk charcoal." This certainly can not remove carbon heavy metals in water, it will not only purify water, may also pollute the water, made by its assembly, it is not a water purifier, but the water is!

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