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OR ultrafiltration reverse osmosis- How to choe a water puri

  OR ultrafiltration reverse osmosis? How to choose a water purifier 2019-2-25 14:13:24

To meet different user requirements, water purifier market diversified functions for different positions of the water purifier, this net top ten brands of water safety Nick Seoul for the popular and market water purifier, list some consumers are familiar with the water purifier, and were introduced:


First, Quweicunzhen - only two home water purifier species: UF and RO reverse osmosis type type


the core is the home water purifier filters, home water purifier according to market different membranes can be divided into two categories: type UF and RO trans permeable. Two kinds of filters, and the difference between types of water purifiers disadvantages:


1, ultrafiltration type: Household water purification


without substantially RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration is ultrafiltration type ultrafiltration water purifiers is the most widely used type. An ultrafiltration membrane of 0.1 micron, bacteria in the water, colloids, viruses and other impurities may be intercepted by diameter. In order to increase the service life, usually with front PP cotton and activated carbon (PP cotton can effectively block larger particles such as rust and the impurities, a small amount of activated carbon can adsorb heavy metal particles and other pathogens). To improve the taste, coconut shell activated carbon, or conventional compression carbon post-filter.


The advantages of the ultrafiltration type water purifier: water fast, large water. Purely physical filtration, the wastewater is low, the United States and other water purifiers ultrafiltration layer 5 does not produce even waste water. Low price, filter replacement costs are low.


type water purifier ultrafiltration disadvantages: the low filtering accuracy, can not filter the virus, some of the most toxic chemicals and heavy metal ions, taste better than RO reverse osmosis type water purifier, the filtered water can not direct drinking .


2, RO reverse osmosis type:


RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration can reach 0.001 microns in diameter or even smaller particles, the water can remove viruses, toxic chemicals such as pesticides and other residues , filtered water is pure water, to drinking water standards, water purification technology is more advanced.


RO reverse osmosis type water purifier advantages: high precision filter, to drinking water standards, good taste quality.


RO reverse osmosis type water purifier disadvantages: the low amount of water, the water slowly. Wastewater rateHigh, typically yield one liter of pure water, to be at least 3 liters of wastewater discharge. High filter replacement costs.


Second, choose a water purifier also depends on post-use costs


Regardless of the type of filter, household water filter cartridge has a certain life needs to be replaced, otherwise caused by secondary pollution makes water worse. UF cartridge type water purifier replacement cost is generally lower than RO reverse osmosis membrane filter. Further, with backwash water filter selection function may be appropriately extended filter life, environmental conservation purposes. For example, Falan Ni water purifier filter life comes to intelligent alerts and backwash function more practical.


Third, select the appropriate water consumption water purifier according to


While the RO reverse osmosis type water purifier high filtration precision, can drink straight. However, a small amount of water is flawed, if everyday cooking, beauty, and other large water requirements, it is recommended to consider RO reverse osmosis models with dual outlet or a large-capacity storage tank, it is possible to meet the high quality purified water and domestic water at the same time It needs.


An Nick Seoul boiling carrying multiple filtration system, using high-quality raw materials, the user can select a different filter systems according to the actual situation. Effectively protect your drinking water safe.


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