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Water disinfection powder used in a proportion


   water disinfectant use ratio is how much, some friends asked Xiao Bian, the proportion of disinfectant powder is used almost fixed proportions, not random change, the only way to pure water is delivered to the user, the following Xiao Bian is next.




At present our drinking water and disinfection ratio is very strict, can not exceed the standard, otherwise it will cause harm to the body, and only use this ratio to achieve the standard our daily drinking water of normal use, in order to play the role of disinfection clean water, then the water was safe to drink how do? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, conditional family can buy, so you can use tap water safer and reduce risks.


Standard control concentration: disinfectant (Potassium monopersulfate single composite powder) dosing concentration: 0.25mg / ton of water. Dosing procedure: first dissolving tank and stirred at 1-2% proportion of the amount of dissolved disinfectant 24 hours, to ensure a uniform disinfectant, to ensure consistent dosage per minute.


In recent years, many countries are carried out in a single oxone as the main active ingredient of the product development work, disinfection of drinking water and applied to humans. In 2001, France implemented the active ingredients used in the national standards for drinking water disinfection (NFT94-309-2001); Germany in 2000 to pursue its national standard (EN12678: 2000); the United Kingdom in 2002 to pursue its national standards. In our country, this type of disinfectant by DuPont and British International Patent Andrew, by the Chengdu Run-disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. patented the invention in 2006, 2007 obtain water sanitation permit this document (Chuan Wei water word [No 20071S016 ), currently many provinces and cities to promote the use.


Potassium hydrogen sulfate single activity and characteristics:




Single Oxone (formula 2KHSO 道 KHSO4), an inorganic peroxide powder, to oxidized disinfectant, its advantages are: 鈶?safe non-toxic, non-irritating. Natural water degradation products SO, K, Na and other inorganic ions; 鈶?good water solubility. Easy to dissolve 1% to 2% solution 5min; 2% -3.5% solution was stirred at 5 ~ lOmin can be completely dissolved. And a quick release effective bactericidal component; 鈶?highly effective broad spectrum. DissolvedThe aqueous release the active oxygen and form a hydroxyl radical, hydrogen peroxide more active ingredients radicals, their synergistic bactericidal effect than any single component, wherein the nascent oxygen [O] is the sterilizing power of 2 cl 1.5 times, hydroxyl radicals [. H0] bactericidal capacity is c. .


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