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  This article tells you it is necessary to install a water purifier it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 247 Date: 2019-6-9 8:52:20 serious secondary pollution of water, harmful substances in water 765 species, of which 20 kinds of confirmed carcinogenic, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, about 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases because of water pollution it caused. For the sterilization, boil some water to drink. In fact, after boil tap water, although the bacteria are killed, but the bodies are still residual bacteria in the water, becoming medically called "induced heat and mass." The precipitate was filtered conventional chlorination process, the chlorine with water rot melanin synthesis as chloroform, are recognized carcinogens world. Water till chloroform between 90 to 100 degrees is three to four times the raw water. Well water, ground water is not safe. Acid rain, industrial and agricultural waste water into the ground on Earth caused by pollution, causing deep well of calcium, high magnesium ion content, long-term consumption and easy to get cardiovascular, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well alkaline, acid-base balance and body needs, requirements of the body of water is weakly basic. A survey shows that bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group. In addition to production reasons, most of which are the cause of the barrel. Low-grade barrel, counterfeit bottled water phenomenon has repeatedly been exposed. Various functional water has been prohibited by the state, home water purifier is one of the most important and effective measures to deal with unexpected water pollution currently taken. Some people noticed the quality of bottled water, drink production date, production plant of regular bottled water, and drinking within 3 days. But still reluctant to use bought water wash rice, vegetables, cooking or washing white clothes, water pollution can not be avoided fundamentally. Many families will precipitate water after use, so that part of the bacteria, impurity precipitation, but tanks, tubs have a lot of scale difficult to clean, heat pipe solar water heater is also due to scale from clogging seriously affect their life and affect safety. Today, water pollution situation is increasingly serious, it seems clear, clean water, which may also be a number of potential security risks of drinking water!

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