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Water purification franchise sales promotion techniques

   in the golden period of development of water purification industry, many entrepreneurs have opted to join the industry, but not all agents can be plain sailing, due to the limited spending power in the region and the level of self-marketing and other factors, industry agents showing "a few happy tears" situation, then how do regional marketing agency purifier?



   a, familiar with the local market, determining product strategy [123 ]

   Chinas vast territory, different regions are quite different, so the water purifier agents to conduct investigations for the local water quality, consumption levels, peoples health awareness, and so on. Blind introduction of products, leading to functional requirements, price positioning does not meet the needs of local conditions, only half done, worth the candle.

   Second, channel development

   This is a lot of water purification agents weakest link, a good stores and other customers to come in the way of marketing outdated. While the new sales channels include: large appliances stationed in shopping malls, supermarkets engage in cooperative promotional displays, cell cooperative promotional stall, looking cabinets, plumbing, solar water heaters, sinks, bathroom and other home improvement building materials sales channels, looking for distributors, of course, these channels need to develop a skill, like fresh water will be added to such a big brand stores will be built after the agents assigned to the professional market manager, on-site assistance and development, skills training.

   Third, the promotion

   a good product, but also good publicity. Current consumer understanding of water purifier is still relatively small, so the water purifier should promote community activities through the integration of drinking water safety knowledge and promotional activities to explain, field trials, free tasting and other forms of dissemination of accurate, interactive, the other in the ad the formal aspects of color pages, graphics, video and other design also needs to carry drinking water science content knowledge, are soft marketing.

   Fourth, the marketing team

   According to agency marketing teamThe strength of the business can be divided into teams and professional partner channels such fragmented "salesman" building. Professional team Needless to say, the scattered type, including super Purchasing Guide, bottled water hydrotechnic, metal building owner, residential property and all of the resources that can help you sell, build the team the most important is familiar with the product, knowledge of the works of drinking water, water purification, the product advantages and effects that can be produced with basic common sense, not only to highlight the brand awareness can improve the conversion rate of the intention of customers to achieve the ultimate purpose of sale. On the other hand is the question of the distribution of benefits, rewards and penalties and reasonable distribution of benefits faster in these channels continued input into profits.

   Acting regional marketing water purifier how to do? This is the result of agents with the joint efforts of manufacturers, agents provide information and needs of the local market, with manufacturers to develop product strategy, provide for marketing techniques and marketing strategies, and finally reach the perfect combination. Add fresh water purifiers water purification industry for 18 years to focus, to create a model to explore the national market replicable water purifier business model, is willing to work with the world the opportunity to share the wealth with lofty ideals

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