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Yin and yang water production methods


   We all know that drinking water has a lot of features of yin and yang, can bowel, weight loss, beauty and other small series production methods teach you the yin and yang of water below.




in our daily lives are exposed to water yin and yang, yin and yang drinking water on the body harmful? If it is not sterilized filtration of the cold water is added to boiling water, cold water because the bacteria is more, this yin and yang can not drink water, it is easy to get sick; but if the cool white open is added to boiling water, the yin and yang of the body of water not only do no harm there are some special features, here we have been learning about the production method of water yin and yang of it.


is the half Yin Yang cold water and half boiling water, can be used in traditional Chinese medicine or medicine introduction operation method. Gu Fang need to take the sky rain is not touching the ground, and never see the light of groundwater wells, a simplified version of a modern tap water.


There is a defined water yin and yang A refers to the mixed raw water with water, when the automatic electric water boiler water shortage, it will automatically add water. At this point, if people do not pay attention to the ground water or other emergency drinking, electric water boiler water would flow of yin and yang. Yin Yang water may contain various pathogenic microorganisms, therefore drinking water may cause a variety of yin and yang of intestinal infectious diseases. Yin Yang water produced in the multi-cylinder type water boiler float structure.


Yin and Yang in fact super cold water and then against a majority of the boiling water from the boiling point. It is usually 5 to 1 ratio. In this case, the general cold water and boiling water in a certain period of time is not mixed, the surface of the layer of hot water is called Yin and Yang. Lets look at the yin and yang of water on the stomach can clean up method.


First, water yin and yang side bowel:


The cold water overnight and then two liters of boiling hot water + two half-two liters of salt + (shake Serve), why use the cold water overnight it? Because water is the spirit of heaven and earth was the source of life, which is inherently ready ability to absorb and store energy in the universe. For the Earth, the sun rises for the day after, as "positive", after the sun goes down for the night, as "overcast." Boil water in a cool place after one night, the night will absorb world aura and restore its "negative" vitality, body conditioning can all "positive" disease. The boiling hot water for the "yang" water, modulating body can all "negative" disease. This both "Book of Changes" said "yin and yang of that Road" too. All the salts have clean, sterilize, eliminatingDrugs, detoxification and other functions. Salt to melt the hard stool, the eradication of intestinal bacteria, the purification of the toxin belly, with the "yin and yang of water" to restore balance to the bodys yin and yang, the balance of the virtual fire stomach, intestinal flushing the stool. Cover this reason too!


Second, administration method:


5 a 7 oclock in the morning, within an hour the salt of 4 to 6 bottles of "yin and yang water" big mouth two to three minutes finished drink. During the interval naturally standing, knees to shake up and down the center of the body.


Why should 5 a 7 oclock drinking "yin and yang of water"? This cover is also Mao Shi. Mao Shi human blood line of large intestine, large intestine at this time it is also the best absorption. Why should not the big mouth and drink small mouth to drink? Sips of water due to the slow flow, the water will be from the stomach to digest the urine. Big mouth and drink plenty of water due to fast flow rates, water will wash the intestine directly into the intestines, decompose feces. After drinking the shake up and down the body, it is to increase the large intestine peristalsis and defecation as quickly as possible.


These are the yin and yang of water production methods to introduce Xiao Bian, but the yin and yang can not drink water every day, or the body is intolerable. If you want to know more about the family drinking little knowledge, then continue to browse other sections of this site it.




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