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Tongzhou home water conservati w drying out to an emgency


   recently sustained high temperatures, the water home life greatly improved, Beijing Tongzhou tap into multiple cells water shortages, and some even to three or more without water. It seems summer water conservation has been "imminent" Here we share some common sense safety summer water conservation, hope to help you.


Recently, Tongzhou multi-cell drying out, a huge domestic water gap for many residents into a panic, resident summed up the "Laundry early as possible on, bathing the night, the weekend does not cook" water conservation methods, it is clear that saving too passive, here Bai Bai to share some of the home will not affect the daily water, while maintaining the safety knowledge of water conservation.




a summer techniques to save water, water-saving washing


1, pre-soaked. Before the formal laundry, amount of detergent into the water first Shake, and then the laundry soaking 10-14 min in water, blending the detergent to the garment after washing, the washing time can be reduced and rinsing times, only power, but also save water.


2, after the first thin thickness. Everyone should have this sense of life, that is, thin clothes 4 to 5 minutes to clean, and thick clothing to 10 minutes to clean. Thick, thin clothes washed separately, can shorten the operation time of the washing machine and to reduce water consumption.


3, washed classification. The laundry classified according to the degree of dirty and clean, dirty clothes do not, as little as possible and to reduce the number of rinsing detergent, can save a lot of water.


4, put the amount of washing powder or liquid detergent to master, put too much will not only increase the number of rinse, waste of water resources, but also tends to remain, leave the clothes aftertaste.


summer water conservation tips Second, the air conditioning fresh water


summer to deal with the hot weather, many people have air conditioning, on the use of air conditioning, there is a water saving techniques. It can lead to indoor air conditioner drain, then a bucket of water on the "made" out, air-conditioning condensation water can water the flowers, mopping the floor, flushing, absolutely too.


Summer three techniques to save water, saving kitchen


1, when it comes to saving water, of course, rice washing water. Wash rice water not only vegetables, but also help to remove pesticides on vegetables, Vegetables may also be collected for flushing water.


2, dishwashing pay attention to methods, many dishes some oil can be wiped clean with a dishcloth, wash when more convenient, this not only saves water, detergent and also saves.


summer water conservation techniques Fourth, do not play water games


Toys are childrens intimate partner, but some toys (such as spray gun) water than the larger, children tap under water fight each other to play with water, and splash a lot of water is wasted, so water conservation, parents can move their brains in it, educate kids to develop awareness of water conservation.


Summer five techniques to save water, water saving toilet


1, to choose a water-saving toilets, so as to achieve the purpose of water saving.


2, if the toilet tank is too large, a brick may try upright in the water tank or a bottle filled with water to reduce the amount of water per charge.


3. If the tank leaks, to be timely maintenance.


4, may be prepared at home a large bucket for collecting the waste water in daily life, the collected waste water to flush the toilet can be a water use, water conservation.


summer water conservation tips Six bathing water conservation


summer, people bathe more often, in the bath, try to use the shower, and avoid prolonged shower, turn on the water should be interrupted shower, scrub time to promptly off the water.


Bai Bai reminder, water conservation is not only a good living habits, from the major aspects that contribute to environmental protection is for dryland contribute, especially in the summer, with water peak, water conservation is very important. More home to save water safety knowledge to make this safety net of home security channel.




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