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On the water purifier how to choose which fourecommendations

   tap water we use every day is not stable, many factors are likely to pollute our daily water, if drinking water usually rely on bottled water and tap water, then water quality problems we need to take seriously. How do we pay attention to drinking water? Water purifier is probably the only way that in the end what kind of water purifier considered reliable, the following comments refer to listen to fresh water plus water purifier manufacturer given.



   1. focused not only on price but also to focus on the cost of late

   water purifier is not as televisions, washing machines, like, In addition to electricity, or to buy back service does not require additional costs. Water purifier is a consumable, precisely, is the water purifier cartridge is a consumable, disposable. Like cigarette filter that is used needs to be replaced a long time to turn yellow. Water purifier filter depending on the product life of varying lengths, use different filtering cartridges are not the same. Generally with the normal use of a filter cartridge to measure.

   2, do not listen to one side of the story, and comprehensive judgment

   When the store to buy water purifier, you can ask more of each store shopping guide differences kinds of models as well as the pros and cons, do not listen to one side of the story, to be rational purchase. Furthermore is to try to "shop around"! For their own just fine! Proposed purchase professional, concentrate, concentrate on the production of brand water purifier! Water purification industry "just for fun" business a lot, maybe someday do not do it this year the South to do a well-known TV brands, withdrew from the water purification project, not professional, OEM and processing, do not got the idea, to make pigs fly!

   [123 ] 3, the product is qualified manufacturer certification purifier

   there are currently many types of water purifiers, water purifiers mass is also mixed. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the production or sale of water purifier manufacturers must obtain the approval of the higher health supervision departments wading health permits, and each brand and each model there is only a water purifier health permits batch. It must allow sales before buying businesses to produce many wading healthMay this document.

   4, the tub can not have, or no tub water purifier to judge the merits of

   no tub water purifier is a water purifier family breakdown product models, a category only. Does not mean that there is no barrel machine performance is better than barrels of machine, it does not mean there is a chance to be out of the barrel, and there is no machine drum machine drum advantages and disadvantages for different raw water quality and use of the crowd, and that needs to listen to detailed professionals analysis do choice. Professional branding is more rigorous, more emphasis on knowledge base salesperson.

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